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How to choose a mummy bag that suits you? Mommy bag professional evaluation tells you

The mommy bag is another hand for a woman who is a mother, and it plays a very important role when she goes out to bring her baby.


In order to help the majority of mothers share their worries, we have screened nearly 100 products on the market in detail, tested 17 mommy bags in 5 price ranges, and selected those that can not only be installed, but are also expensive.

1. Mummy bag selection guide

How to choose a mummy bag that suits you?

01. Storage capacity is the key

To evaluate the storage of mommy bags, you must first understand what you need to go out.

At different stages of the baby's growth, the types and quantities of needs will continue to change.

"Taking saliva towels as an example, because the salivary gland secretion function is immature and the amount of salivary secretion is small for a newborn baby, about 2 pieces are enough to go out. But when the baby grows 4-6 months, the amount of salivary gland secretion increases due to the start of supplementary food. , The demand for saliva towels will also increase, and at least 5 pieces are enough when you go out."

Mothers also need to bring their own things when they bring their baby out. It is best for mommy bags to hold mom's daily needs at the same time.

So we have compiled the "Mummy Bag Must-have List", and this is enough to go out in the future.


So there are so many things to install!

Therefore, the mommy bag must have the following conditions:

①The space should be large and reasonable, so as to ensure that it can be installed, but it will not be too large to cause waste of space;

②Reasonable structure layout, easy to store and take out.

02. Convenience and comfort are important

When mothers go out to bring their babies, they often have to take wet wipes, diapers, feeding bottles and other baby needs out of the bag. Think about how embarrassing it would be if the mother is holding the baby and her shoulders have been sore and sore. If the zipper of the mother's bag is difficult to open at this time, or if you cannot find what you are looking for for a while situation.

Therefore, for mommy bags, there are some rigid conditions that directly affect the experience of use must meet the standard:


Generally speaking, there are three types of seals for mommy bags: zipper, magnet, and Velcro.

The zipper method is more recommended, which is more reliable, and the items are not easy to spill.

The magnetic seal is not strong, and the velcro will stick to dirt after a long time. Not only is it unsanitary, but the sealing effect will also decrease, so it is not recommended.


03. The material is safe and the quality is good, and the price should be kind

In the final analysis, mommy bags are used to hold the baby's necessities, and babies like to put everything they see into their mouths, so mommy bags should avoid any potentially harmful chemicals.

Bacteriostatic, odorless, BPA-free, and the use of organic cotton materials for mommy bags have higher safety.


Popular science: Some big brands will use a material called Agion, which has antibacterial effect, can prevent the growth of bacteria and indecent odors, and is environmentally friendly and durable.

In addition, we strongly recommend a mummy bag that is light, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Because of the use scene of the mummy bag, it will be contaminated with a lot of dirt, and because the mummy bag cannot be thrown into the washing machine willfully, the surface and lining can be easily wiped and cleaned, which is more than drinking Vita lemon tea. Cool.

As for the basic craftsmanship of mommy bags, from tight webbing to smooth zippers, from fine stitching to firm buckles, in order to avoid losing the chain when mothers are out, it is more important to choose good quality. .

Although budget-conscious merchants stick to the business philosophy of "getting the price and paying half the goods" in every aspect. Don't worry, there are little babies who sell better than the ones you buy.

04. Styles that conform to usage habits

The styles of mommy bags are mainly divided into four categories according to the different back methods:


Which kind of mummy bag to choose needs to be decided according to personal habits, and it is best to carry it comfortably.

However, it should be noted that the use of the trolley bag has a certain safety risk, because too heavy may cause the trolley to fall backwards. Our suggestion for this is to put the mommy bag in the basket under the frame and avoid hanging it directly on the handlebar. If you have to do this, please be sure to check the overall weight and balance.

Post time: Mar-04-2021