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How to choose the size of baby clothes? Did you choose the right one?

The baby grows very fast. If the size of the baby clothes is small or just right, they will not be worn for a period of time. So let me teach you how to choose your baby's clothes wisely, and attach a detailed comparison table so that moms can buy good clothes.


Variety of baby clothes
There are many kinds of clothes for newborns, such as gauze, butterfly, rabbit, and fart clothes. They are all common baby clothes. Come and learn how to help your baby choose!
1. Underwear
Gauze and cotton clothing: divided into long and short versions, the material absorbs sweat and has a breathable effect. The traditional method is to use it as the inside. The side-opening strap design is easy to replace.
Butterfly shirt: The upper body is the same as the gauze belly shirt. The difference is that the lower body is longer and there are buttons at the feet, transforming into a jumpsuit.
Fart clothing: The buttons on the hem can be opened directly, making it super convenient to change the diaper.
2. Pants (trousers/shorts)
It’s more troublesome to change the diaper when matching the lower body of the underwear. It is recommended to buy it when the child is older.
3. Outerwear
One-piece suit (bunny suit): The design of the bunny suit is one-piece, even the baby's feet can be completely wrapped, no need to prepare additional socks, suitable for the baby when the weather is relatively cold.
Miao Miao Dress: Two-wear usage, it can be turned into a trousers or robe style.


Principles of choosing baby clothes

1. Based on height and weight

It is best to buy clothes according to the baby's height and weight standards, rather than buying clothes according to age, which will be more accurate and suitable.

2. First choice cotton material

The cotton material is relatively soft and has good air permeability, while the baby's skin is more delicate. The cotton material can gently touch the baby's skin and play a good protective effect without hindering the evaporation of sweat, making the baby feel comfortable.

3. It's okay to buy larger baby clothes

The baby grows up very quickly. In fact, it is a small step to buy clothes that can be worn in the current season but are slightly larger, otherwise many clothes will not be worn again after wearing them; however, this does not mean buying "clothes to be worn in the future" early. ! If you don't pay attention, it is easy to miss the time to wear it, and waste it.

4. The style can be changed and worn

Smart choice and creative matching can help parents save a lot of money, such as fart clothes, jumpsuits, most of them can be worn as general tops, choose the long-sleeved fart clothes with the front row and become the baby's long When it is bigger, it can be used as a thin coat, and considering the future wear, it can extend the suitability of clothes.

Post time: Apr-20-2021