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Swimming cap selection guide


1. Why wear a swimming cap?
Protection: When the swimming pool is drowning, the swimming cap can help quickly locate and implement rescue. At the same time, chlorine bleach is mostly present in swimming pools, and swimming caps can effectively protect our scalp and hair from harm.
Reduce resistance: swimming caps can further reduce our resistance in the water and increase swimming speed.
Polite behavior: wearing a swimming cap can reduce hair loss, which is conducive to pool cleaning. Wearing a swimming cap can reduce the impact of hair on other people.

Second, the classification and characteristics of swimming caps
The common swimming caps on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: cloth swimming caps, silicone swimming caps, and dual-material swimming caps.
1. Cloth swimming cap
The fabric swimming cap is made of spandex. Mainly used for exercises and sun protection.
Advantages: very good air permeability, comfort and ductility are also very good. long lasting.
Disadvantages: Permeable, there is a certain possibility of slippage.
Applicable people: children, swimming beginners


2. Silicone swimming cap
The material of the silicone swimming cap is silicone. For friends who often swim, I recommend silicone material because it protects the head better.
Advantages: good wearing tightness, strong waterproof. Can reduce resistance.
Disadvantages: poor comfort and shorter life span compared to cloth swimming caps.
Applicable people: friends who often swim and participate in amateur competitions


3. Bi-material swimming cap
The material is a swimming cap with a combination of spandex and silicone. The inner layer is made of spandex and the outer layer is made of silica gel.
Advantages: good wearing comfort, good waterproofness, reduced resistance, and long service life.
Disadvantages: poor elasticity, not suitable for friends with larger or smaller heads. There are stitches on the outer layer, and the appearance is low.


Third, how to wear a swimming cap
An animated picture clearly shows how to wear a swimming cap.


Four, swimming knowledge
1. Wash the whole body in advance. Before entering the swimming pool, use water to wash the whole body, wash away the dust, impurities, etc., to keep the swimming pool clean.
2. Do not use nose clips. Nose clip is not conducive to the improvement of swimming ability.
3. After using the swimming cap, clean it with clean water as much as possible and store it in a cool place.
4. Whether the swimming cap covers the ears depends on personal comfort. There is no regulation on this.

Post time: May-13-2021