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The importance of quality swimwear

There is nothing worse than your shoulder straps falling off or your bikini bottoms slipping off when you practice diving. Whether you are training for the first triathlon or starting to swim to help protect your running body from injury, getting the right equipment is important. From goggles that do not emit steam to swimwear that can remain intact and provide a certain degree of UV protection when swimming outdoors, we have found the best kit so you can freely focus on your training.
Just like a good sports bra or fitted running shorts, the best swimwear will not move or slip when you are walking through the water. Here are other factors you should look for when choosing the best swimsuit for you:
Just like a running suit, if you plan to buy a good swimsuit, it is worth reading the washing label to make sure you keep it safe. Most swimsuits need to be rinsed under a cool tap immediately after you leave the pool to remove chemicals and chlorine in the pool. Of course, just immersing the swimsuit in cold water will not completely remove the chlorine from the fabric, so when you get home, make sure to clean your swimsuit properly according to the product instructions.
As with running gear, you also need to avoid exposing your swimsuit to high temperatures, so make sure to air dry your swimsuit instead of putting it in a tumble dryer.
Here, we have carefully selected the best options on the market. Unlike the swimsuits you might wear on the beach, these swimsuits are designed to keep you comfortable while swimming.
As part of M&S’s GoodMove collection, this Active swimsuit is designed to make you feel enjoyable inside and outside the pool, while providing you with all the support you need to complete your training. The front zipper makes it easier to put on and take off the swimsuit, and the fabric is chlorine resistant, which means it should be able to maintain its shape and elasticity for more than a summer. Available in sizes 8-24.
This beautiful Sweaty Betty swimsuit is made of recycled plastic and makes you feel beautiful and beautiful. When you move in the water, the high neckline provides extra coverage and protection, while the racer back design allows you to move freely. The fabric is chlorine resistant and has UV50+ protection, making it an ideal choice for year-round swimming. It is obviously more expensive, but if you have the ability to invest, it is a well-made and durable kit.
You need to take out your tape measure, or use this to research a fit guide, because it is part of Nike’s high-performance swimwear collection, designed for those who take swimming training seriously. The thinner straps are not enough for swimmers with big breasts, but they are very durable for those who can withstand light support.
If you want a little extra protection from your swimsuit, this Speedo jumpsuit is suitable for all suitable options. There is also a built-in bust support to provide comfort and four-way stretch for easy movement in the water. The bodysuit is also completely chlorine resistant, Speedo’s Endurance+ fabric is designed to retain its shape and fade resistance for longer.
This Roxy one-piece swimsuit is perfect for swimming outdoors this summer. The long-sleeved design provides additional protection from waves and sun, while the swimsuit itself has UPF50+ protection. It does not mention chlorine resistance, so this may be preserved when you swim in the sea.
This may remind you of the swimsuits you wear in school swimming classes, but Speedo knows their stuff when making reliable swimsuits. This must-have item uses a traditional racer back design and is 100% chlorine resistant.
If you want to dive into the water without a price tag, this Decathlon swimsuit can meet all requirements and costs less than £10. It is chlorine resistant, and the H-shaped back and wide shoulder straps provide extra support when you move.
Another affordable option in the Marks & Spencer Goodmove series, we are big fans of animal print designs. According to M&S, this swimsuit “has abdominal controls on the front to create a sculptural appearance” and is chlorine-resistant.
If you are looking for a one-piece swimsuit, you can take a dip in the pool and lie on the beach, this Seafolly swimsuit is a good choice. Most suitable for AC cup swimmers, the crossed back provides light support when you swim. The disadvantage here is that Seafolly recommends that you wash this swimsuit by hand, it is not suitable for everyone.
If you are serious about training, this Adidas swimsuit is a good choice. It adopts a compression fit design, which can reduce the resistance in the water. The swimsuit is fully lined, so it will not be transparent when you leave the pool, and it is chlorine resistant, so it should last for a while.

Post time: May-28-2021