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“Wearing like this is outrageous” and “sexy” swimsuits should not be blamed

In today's society, everyone has made more or less effort to dress up their appearance, regardless of men, women, children, and children. Everyone hopes to show a more beautiful and spiritual self through the embellishment of clothing. It has become a trend. A good figure can't be hidden!


However, a 10-year-old girl was accused by netizens of unreasonable dressing and lack of education for taking selfies in a sexy swimsuit.

But the little girl only wears light makeup, slightly hair, and still wears a swimsuit and bikini that is more conservative than adult women. This can also be blamed by the Internet. Did the little girl do something wrong? No, she just went to the beach in a "sexy" swimsuit and bikini. What was wrong was the strong dissatisfaction and misunderstanding of some people with this style of swimsuit.

The modern bikini swimsuit was invented in France after 1946 and has been popular all over the world for nearly 80 years. In the early 1990s, this unique style of swimsuit spread on the land of China, and it was almost 30 years old. The times are advancing, and people's horizons and horizons should also keep pace with the times. Now that China is so strong, the Chinese people should be more confident, rather than go online in the style of swimsuits.


The bikini is the sports car in the costume, and it comes with a halo when it comes out. It is a fashion, a culture, and a synonym for sexy swimsuits. Now, whether it is an adult or a child, it is not possible to prohibit others from pursuing the enjoyment of beauty because of personal preference. In the future, there will definitely be more and more people choosing "sexy" swimsuits by beach pools because they all have the right to show themselves.


Why choose a bikini swimsuit?

  • The first can shape people's self-confidence

The current bikini swimsuit was born just at the end of World War II, and the civilization of the West is waiting to be revived. This swimsuit also gives women a way to show their figure. The popularity of bikini "sexy" swimsuits in the West is also slowly unfolding after the European Marshall Plan. The soaring economy, material expansion, and the confusion of the people need new things to represent the changes of this era after the war. Bikini can be a symbol of "freedom", "confidence", "the charm and beauty of the times".


As the saying goes: people rely on clothes, horses rely on saddles. Although dressing cannot fully demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses, it is indeed the first criterion for others to judge you. By the seaside pool, wearing a bikini can not only highlight your own charm; it is more important to show the beauty of women and show your body with the help of a bikini that suits you. There is no good or bad figure, only self-confidence. The pursuit of beauty is the nature of people, and it is also the spirit and the courage to explore boldly in the new era.

  •  Cultivation of the second aesthetic;

A good image will greatly affect the attitude of others towards others! There was once an experiment on personal image. When a person dressed generously and beautifully appeared in front of everyone, it was easy to get other people’s smiles and help from others; on the contrary, the same person dressed in raunchy, appeared on the same street and did the same thing. I find that others will stay away or take a detour.

Human beauty, inner beauty is always important, and outer beauty is also very important. Bikini can be worn not only when swimming, but also on the beach, leisure or even eating. They are trying to show the beauty of the figure, and in the eyes of others, they will also think that this is a person with taste and education.


The third focus on dressing rather than comparison is an attitude to life.

Choosing a bikini requires a peace of mind. Because there are so many brands of bikinis, most of them are flashy or shoddy. The correct choice of bikinis also reflects the prudence in life attitude. Some bikini brands are expensive and cannot show people's beauty; some bikinis are colorful and showy, but they cannot show the core of humanistic spirit. Only by focusing on the correct combination and choosing colors that can reveal the style of the times can they show the most beautiful side of women. French RELLECIGA Lisiya's brand bikini swimwear is in line with the cultural connotation of modern China: low-key / mysterious / sexy / luxurious.

Dressing by the beach pool, although a trivial matter. But seeing the big from the small, irrational resistance will only confuse one's social values, and the concept of seeing things correctly is what people in China need in the future.

Post time: Jan-28-2021